Monday, September 10, 2007

Friday's Game

Since I wasn't able to see your game against Eaglecrest, I'd like you to use this space to tell me all about the highlights. What were your greatest moments, both individually and as a team? What do you think we need carry through to our next games?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Personal Goals

Please think carefully about three specific goals that you'd like to accomplish on the volleyball court this season and post them to the blog by this Friday.

Aim to be specific and realistic in your goals. For example, writing, "I want to be a really good hitter" is pretty broad. Try tightening it into something like, "I want to hit on top of the ball to make my hits much faster and harder." Keep your standards high, but think about what you can accomplish in the course of two months.

You might also want to dedicate at least one of your goals to something mental instead of physical. For example, you might write, "I want to be more verbal in giving my teammates both praise and constructive criticism," or "I need to show a more positive attitude during practice and in games."

Here are my three goals as your coach:

1. To push each one of you to your limit during every practice so that you leave the gym red-faced, sweaty, and smiling because you know you got a little better today.

2. To be consistent in enforcing the rules so that they become automatic to you.

3. To earn your trust and respect, and to help you learn to trust and respect each other.

First Post: Why does volleyball matter to you?

Please respond to one, two, or all of the questions below:

Why do you play volleyball?

How does it help make you the person that you are?

What is your favorite aspect of being a volleyball player?